hello dearest love...it's been a while... (gjgeekx) wrote,
hello dearest love...it's been a while...

it's funny to think that i was listening to braid's frame & canvas my sophomore year of high school. that's when i was in love with brittany. on friday nights i would come home and listen to "new nathan detroits" and it summed up my week. i had monday through friday to try to romance brittany, and i never did. that song was the summary of my failure. like everything leading up to friday came out in that song.

it's weird, because that was 2004. eight years ago. i still listen to that song. i've had this livejournal for eight years...

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    i have a ton of growing up to do. i've always known that. however, it's just not sunk in until now.

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    if anything, i guess i would like to figure out what's going on with me. that sounds really selfish. i think that's my one fatal flaw. my dad had a…

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    Still can't believe the Miami Heat are 2012 NBA Finals Champions. While I'm glad LeBron finally got himself a ring, I really thought this year…

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