hello dearest love...it's been a while... (gjgeekx) wrote,
hello dearest love...it's been a while...

nothing is harder than knowing you like this person. not knowing if you can get over that. friends telling you that this a for sure thing, but never getting that vibe when speaking to to them.

it's like, if i could, i'd say "hey, dena, i like you a lot. i've found you attractive since the japanese class we took together a couple of years ago. when we danced with each other a couple of weeks back, that was the best night i had. i want more of those nights. i want more of those nights with you" but the words never come out. it's so much harder than that. for the first time since high school, i'm afraid to be rejected.

i really like dena, and that's what scares me. i'd rather fantasize about my choices than risk the chance of hearing a "no thank you" or "only as friends".

i'm a little inebriated, so who the fuck knows?

oh, and dena, if you ever read this, i like you a lot. just when i thought i was going to force myself out of talking to you, i bumped into you on campus today. sunglasses, smile, pink shirt. you're gorgeous.

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